Recital Information

Parent information on Recital fees and Costumes:

This year’s Recital will be held on DEC. 19TH & 20TH @ the Templeton High School P.A.C.
We are doing “Mulan”- A story of Honor
Extra rehearsals start the week of Dec. 1st. please check rehearsal schedule for times .
You will need to know the names of the dances your child is in ,in order to be when you need to be here.
Mock dress Rehearsal
This is done at the studio in Atascadero on Dec 5th @ 9 am. All dancers need to be at the studio by 9am.with hair in a bun and makeup (smokey eyes. ( no lipstick today)
We will begin with announcements explaining what the actual dress rehearsal and performance require from each of you.
after announcements we will begin with the finale bow, once this is complete we will begin with the show. When your child has finished their last dance you may go. If your child’s class has been chosen to perform at the Albertsons Christmas party, we will meet out front of the fair grounds and walk in together @ 2:45.
Extra tickets are now available at the studio, please pick up your 2 complimentary tickets on this day and get your others needed ,Tickets are first come first served, there are only 300 seats per day please pre pare accordingly. You may call the studio and purchase over the phone by credit card and pick them up at will call, you must speak to Ms. Kellie or Ms. Alta.

Dress Rehearsal
Friday Dec. 18th @ 5:30 p.m., Please be at the theater in your first costume with full make up- ready to go. Drop off your child in the dressing room. you will sign them in and sign them out. children will Not be permitted to exit thru the main theater, they must use the dancer’s entrance at the bottom of the stairs in the dressing rooms.
Again we will begin with the finale bow and then proceed with the show. Once your child is done, you may leave. All children must participate in the Dress rehearsal in order to be in the show.
Dec. 19th & 20th (The actual shows )
Dancers should arrive 30 minutes prior to each show in order to get set up in the dressing room and be able to be ready to start on time. Please do not drop off your 2 year old any sooner than 30 minutes prior to the show as they will be staying back stage the entire time.
Competition team must arrive at least an hour prior to the show in order to help set up the stage etc..
Parents of competition team are required to help with All fundraiser activities. please sign up in the lobby of the studio to do a job. If you are a parent of a little one and would like to help backstage, you must also sign up, room is limited.
The show will be video tapped and you may purchase a copy for your enjoyment.
Please NO flash photography as this is a great distraction to the dancers and can get someone seriously hurt!!
All fees associated with the recital, show fee, costume rentals, any dancewear ordered must be paid for by the Mock dress rehearsal in order for your dancer to participate as well as your child’s tuition must be current and caught up. NO fees are refundable.
If you have any questions, please call or email Ms. Kellie (805)471-4001 or [email protected]

What is a recital?
This is a production-(show) put on by all the dancers.
We do two recitals a year, one in June and one in Nov./Dec.
dates will vary depending on theater availability.
A recital gives each dancer the opportunity to show friends and family what they have accomplished in this season of dance. there are many levels to dance and each individual accomplishes things in their own time. by coming and watching your child’s recital you are showing interest and support for what the do. with family support each child develops a new level of confidence. it is not mandatory that a dancer perform but it is recommended , as this is how they develop their confidence levels.
This December we will be doing the story of honor as told in the of Mulan. “a timeless virtue of Honor”.
We will begin training in the month of August and will continue thru December.
The dates we have been given are Saturday and Sunday (December 19th and 20th) with a dress rehearsal on Friday December 18th.
We will probably be doing two shows on Saturday (11:00 am & 2:30 Pm) and (11:00 or 1:00 on Sunday). please mark your calendars now and let the families know so everyone can come to see the show.
Not all students are in all shows, we do multiple shows so that everyone get a chance to see their dancer perform. you may choose which show(s) you wish to participate in unless you are a main character and or on the competition team.
There are separate fees involved in these performances. there will be a rectal fee as well as costume fees.
Recital fee is typically  $30.- $50 per dancer(Adjusted for multiple children) and with this you will receive (2) complimentary tickets.
Costume fees are very different. we try to do a rental deposit of $50- $100.with this deposit we pay to either clean/alter an existing costume or we purchase what is needed.
sometimes the deposit does not cover everything your dancer needs, you will be given an additional bill for any unpaid balances.
Some dancers don’t need the whole deposit and the balance will be applied to their account towards the following month’s tuition.
Each individual dancer will owe a different amount, this goes according to the dances they are in.
I do things this way in order to keep the costs down, rather than just pick an item in a catalogue and order, that generally costs approximately 10 times this amount.
Once ordered or purchased they typically cannot be returned.
Al female dancers in more than one dance will almost always need a nude leotard for costume changes. and each dancer will need her own tights. these can be purchased thru the studio.
we are working on carrying dance shoes and attire for your convenience.
If at anytime you have any questions, please feel free to ask.