Rates and Fees

All new dancers* First class is always free
Tuition Policies: Full Tuition is due on the first class of every month. It must be paid by the 10th in order to avoid a $15 late fee. It is the dancers responsibility to schedule all make-up classes with their teachers.
Dress Code: All female dancers must wear a leotard and tights to every class no matter what the style is. Leotards are available here or at several local retailers. Proper shoes must be worn at all times. Male dancers must wear compression shorts and or Sweat pants/Basketball shorts.  – No jeans please !! Please no street shoes on the dance floor.
Show fees: Some show fees will vary depending on when and where the show will be.
These fees are over and above the cost of tuition.
Costume fees: Each dancer is responsible for paying for their own costumes. You will be given a bill for any and all fees due prior to a recital.

Monthly Rates: 1st Dancer add 2nd Dancer

1 Class per week: $55.00 add: $35.00

2 Classes per week: $80.00 add $60.00

3 Classes per week: $120.00 add $90.00

4 Classes per week: $160.00 add $115.00

Unlimited-5 or more classes a week-$200.00  add $125.00

*We are proud to announce our on going program available to all studio dancers. When you register for one class a week you will automatically receive a free (scholar shipped) second class a week . So now your dancer can come twice a week for the price of one. If you pay for two classes you will receive three and so on .
Each dancer will receive a scholarship of one extra class per week.**

Single class rate: $15.00

Family rates 3 or more children available: see Ms. Kellie

Company and Competition Crew Rates 

Unlimited classes required – $150.00 per month for a 12 months. (1 yr. contract)
(5 or more classes a week is considered unlimited)
If more than one child per family is on unlimited there is a family rate .
Mini Crew- $100-Per child
Family rates available*
$15 late fee if not paid by the 10th of the month.* Annual Registration fee of $20.00 per student or $30.00 per family- Due Jan 1st thru Feb- 15th  for all existing students or at time of registration for new students.

*Studio Rental Available*- Birthday Parties- Private Lessons available $60. Per hour
**If you need a teacher it will be an additional $60. per hour (Unless otherwise determined)- Deposits are required and NON-REFUNDABLE.

Combo Classes: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theater. All combo classes teach the Basic Technique of the arts, as well as teaching your child how to perform and their back stage etiquette. 

We have two shows a year, although it is not required to participate in them we do encourage your child to be a part of the performance experience.(****fees apply****)

The Studio does have a dress code, please see your child’s teacher for the proper clothing requirement.

Ballet-(Ballet 1 and above )- Must wear hair in a bun, Pink tights and Black leotard. Ballet shoes only

Intro an below- any color leotard and pink tights. Ballet shoes not slippers please.

Tap- Leotard and leggings or tights-Tap shoes

Hip Hop– Leotard and sweat pants or long shorts- Clean sneakers or boots, not street shoes

Jazz– Leotard, tights an booty shorts or jazz pants/Leggings- Jazz shoes

Combo classes– Leotard and tights-Ballet & Tap shoes